fredag den 30. oktober 2009

Brazilian Wildlife

With its Amazon rainforest, Brazil is home to more than one third of the species of the world! It has the greatest biodiversity, of any country on the planet, and the most known species of plants, freshwater fish, and mammals.

…But I guess, that this will not effect our exploration of the approx 17 mill populated, over-polluted city of Sao Paulo. Therefor I have sought for another species of wildlife, likewise eye-catching and diverse.

Actually I think I have found something surpassing the natural wildlife in uniqueness. I am talking about the creatures and beings, that lives and sneaks about the concrete walls of SP. Colorful, animated, painted, cut out and glued on, silent, subtile, screaming, with clear messages, or quirky whimsical thoughts. In your face or hidden treasures in alleys and behind downpipes. No matter what habitat they are to be found in, we will try to hunt them down...

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