fredag den 30. oktober 2009

The Hatter on Paulista Avenue

Today I walked down Paulista Avenue, down what might be called the dodgy end. Here the shops are filled with materials of lac and leather, metal chains and shorts, which are almost not there, and of course stiletto heals up to a size 46!

In the midst of all this, I met a person, who seemed somewhat to stand out: An elderly gentleman, who looked as if he had just stepped out of the 50'ies, ready to attend to a young ladies request- And this was not far from the truth.

The gentleman is Monsieur Plas. In an area of lac and leather, he values felt, more precisely felt hats in any color shape and size. He has made them, and suits since 1954.

And today I had the privilege of trying them all... I think I will be going for a top hat!

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