fredag den 30. oktober 2009

Otto Scharmer At Natura

Yesterday (Thursday) we filled up a car, and left the concrete city of Sao Paulo, to go Natura - a Brazilian cosmetic company, whom according to the rumor is known for it's sustainable initiatives and eco friendly, natural products. They have a direct sales model, similar to what we know from Tupperware parties, with more than 800.000 consultants or resellers (!), resulting in a revenue that surpasses Avon's.

The headquarters of Natura lay approx 1 hour outside Sao Paulo, in the middle of a nature reserve. It's massive, beautiful buildings, are designed after the principles of Feng Shui, and all offices are said to have a view of the beautiful nature surrounding the compound (...Although we find this hard to believe, as it would imply an obscene amount of toilets and copyrooms at the center of the buildings).

Walking through the glass and concrete corridors, was like constantly walking by a newly groomed person, leaving a scented trail of perfume and beauty products.

The main purpose of our visit however, was to attend a lecture by Otto Scharmer, followed by free snacks and coffee (as most things seem to be here). As Anne has already done some work with U theory, several of the points were familiar to her, but it was mostly new to me.

As a result of our day, I (gunvor) decided to become a published moviedirector/editor/producer, and with an iMovie introduction-movie close by, I created this fantabules film, documenting our visit at Natura, and some of Otto Schamer’s lecture. Enjoy!

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Inga Auðbjörg sagde ...

Hahaha... I never realized Otto Scharmer was German untill now.

We worked quite a lot with the U-Theory during our outpost, so I sent this video to Joris, our "Minister of Process" during the Outpost...

Nice work. And not to mention including my favorite song!

Brendan sagde ...

Thank you for your film. I enjoyed watching it.

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