mandag den 26. oktober 2009

Our assignments

During our stay at the Hub we have 3 main assignments that we will be working with, and a couple of others that are possible if we have the time and/or resources. Pablo sent us the following map, as a short introduction to it all, before we came here:

Now, during the first week, we are focusing on the coming weekend, where we will be facilitating a teambuilding- and strategic planning weekend for the Hub team (6 people). As part of this we are also learning more about the Hub as an organization, about it's members, and about it's opportunities and challenges.

Today we have made a rapid prototype for the days, as well as prepared for interviews with the participants. We have also tried to make a visualization that can help us plan and document our work (Thanks to Anne's graphic skills, it is coming along smoothly).

All of this has left us very curious and full of questions to explore. Tomorrow we will meet with Pablo, to go more in to detail with what the process should hold and some of the practicalities around it, as well as start creating an overall timeplan for the rest of our stay at the Hub.

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