mandag den 23. november 2009

Who wants to be Ken?

On Thursday I got a pre-Christmas gift from Anne - A foam skeleton in 10 pieces.

The result (as displayed in the picture), for some reason reminded me of the other night, when Anne and I sat on the terrace, talking about a shared childhood experience...:

Playing with barbiedolls, together with our friends, when along comes a challenge...: Who's going to be Ken?

We remember fear striking our young minds, of the thought of not being the beautiful, successful Barbie, but the anonymous accessory of a man; Ken.

Then again, as our talk progressed, we came to think of the one girl who always ended up being Ken. (Turns out that almost every group of young girls has her. She's usually the same girl who also goes along with being the father when you play house, and using with the brown crayon when you draw...)

And the question arose: "Did she mind being Ken? Was she just more mature then the rest of us, and saw that the shape of the plastic doll did not really matter? Did she feel like a martyr? Or, might it be, that she just wanted to?"

We started contemplating how one so often just assume that the other people in a given situation have the same agenda, and want the same things as you. A set of assumptions which sometimes results in annoying misunderstandings, where people start a unspoken rase, either to get out of the undesirable role, or to take it on - in order to spare the others whom you assume feel the same.

This brings me back to Ken, which I have named my new skeleton, who has become a new tool and metaphor for us.

We have decided to use Ken as a reminder in our work, to check in with eachother's wants and needs through verbalizations like "Is this a Barbie or Ken-type of assignment for you?", “I feel like you are being Ken a lot lately, do you feel the same?” & “Thank God, Anne, that so many of my Kens are your Barbies”.

--- This way we have a silly metaphor to get around our now built-in politeness (that makes us reach for what we individually see at the least desirable tasks), and gives us a perspective on how we're both feeling about the tasks we're working on.

torsdag den 19. november 2009

Workshop at the Hub

Yesterday we held a workshop at the hub. It was about capturing the dreams of the Hub, telling the previous success stories, and pinpointing the challenges.

This Process was for the Hub members to share their expert knowledge of the Hub culture with each other, and with us.

We will use the findings together with other information, as fundament and evaluation criteria for the concepts that we are developing, in order to support a stronger community of practice at the Hub Sao Paulo.

tirsdag den 17. november 2009

Jungle Boogie

A trip to Boiçucanga and Camburi, north of Sao Paulo - beach and rainforest -
Anne, Matilde & Gunvor

Jungle Boogie from gunvor jøsendal on Vimeo.

mandag den 16. november 2009

Chasing waterfalls

This Weekend we went to Cambori A city north of SP. Here we lived at a hostel between the rain forest and the beach. Saturday we went out on a journey to find a secret waterfall supposedly with a healing effect.

But to get there we had to over-win many obstacles in our way. Walking on small paths of clay red ground in the moist forrest, filled with roots to trip over, or hold on to, when the hilly country became to slippery, or the path to close to the slope turning to the watercourse we walked by. We even had to climb under a overthrown tree on the way

But as in many journeys, if you hold on and stay courages you will be rewarded in the end- and so we were. With a beautiful scenery of a waterfall that ended in a small forest lake, created over many years, where the water had pushed aside all stones and ground and created this little pond for us to swim in. Seemingly ice cold after a heated walk, clear and twinkling from the light beams that found their way through the thicket wood.

onsdag den 11. november 2009

And then there was darkness

Yesterday the streets went dark, actually everything went dark. Sao Paulo lost all power from 11 pm till morning time. To our luck, we were having a sushi dinner, and with no food to cook, the forced candlelight dinner was quite romantic.

On our way home, nothing looked like itself, actually we could not see much at all. We were guided by the echoing whistles of the police men, waving the traffic around in every intersection. As we walked, the frontier lights from the cars, would illuminate the streets, and give us a peak on where to step on the steep streets, before they blinded us entirely.

At the terrace at home, with the obligatory night cab, the compounds around us had turned into their individual waterloo scandals, with flashlights waving around. Others filled with flickering warm lights from the candles in the apartments of those still awake.

The only one who seemed to be satisfied with the situation, was the bum sleeping at the bus stop, finally able to lay down undisturbed from all the flashing Christmas decorations from the department stores.

tirsdag den 10. november 2009

A New Home

New home, new family. Which consists of Natalie, Gustavo and Fransisco 2 years! It is closer to the Hub, only 15 min, on our princess feet. The area is filled with restaurants, bars and interesting stores, and if SP becomes to overwhelming we like to have a drink on the terrace in the hammock, preferably with one of us reading a book aloud.

mandag den 9. november 2009

Presenting the Kaospilots

Every day, at 5 PM, there is a Hub cafe where everyone meets over a cup of coffee and some sort of activity or presentation.

Last Thursday we presented the Kaospilots, and we will do it again this Tuesday.

The weekend is over, but the memories remain

Dancing in the rain,
during the Sonic Youth concert...

Sleeping in the hammock on the terrace, while Anne makes capirinas...

Total comfort...

...... Really?

Narrowing in...

After a couple of weeks of getting to know the Hub and it's members, understanding and defining the assignments and prejecting, we have finally started started our design process, narrowing in on what could be the concrete results of our work.

To sum up the assignments we are now working on, there are 2 main areas:

1. Working to highten the network awareness in the Hub - this means finding out exactly who (and why and how) is in the network, but as the main focus of our work; How to create a greater sense of community, that encourages the members to use each other in their individual work, as well as in making the Hub the best it can be. (The deliverables will be several different concepts on initiatives/tools/projects for this purpose, and at least one documented and evaluated pilot)

Negative Brainstorm - How to create alienation & conflict in the Hub?

2. Designing and facilitating a weekend for the Hub Team ("the administration"), focusing on them as a team, as well as building and defining a future strategy for the Hub.


Besides these assignments, we are following other things at the Hub (attending different meetings, learning about different projects going on etc.), from the sidelines.

torsdag den 5. november 2009

A weekend at the brazilian beach

Last weekend, our wonderful hostfamily for the first 2 weeks (The Ferraro's), took us to their summer-apartment, right by a beach outside Sao Paulo. We arrived late Friday evening, and were there until Monday afternoon (as Monday was a holiday).

If you are looking for profound, professional input, this is not the video for you - for everyone else: Welcome to our wonderful weekend at the beach.

A weekend at the Beach from gunvor jøsendal on Vimeo.

Traffic- Cars

The cars of SP are as divers as the people in it. It is filled with;
motorcycles, old VW's, beetles, dusty veterans, and shiny silver Chevrolets...I think the only criteria is a strong handbreak, that will hold the cars on the steep hills.

Brazilian booty

Oh Yeah - The Brazilian mannequin dolls have junk in the trunk!

onsdag den 4. november 2009

70% of Sao Paulo?

Birds, telephones, wires, contrasting colours & graffiti...