onsdag den 11. november 2009

And then there was darkness

Yesterday the streets went dark, actually everything went dark. Sao Paulo lost all power from 11 pm till morning time. To our luck, we were having a sushi dinner, and with no food to cook, the forced candlelight dinner was quite romantic.

On our way home, nothing looked like itself, actually we could not see much at all. We were guided by the echoing whistles of the police men, waving the traffic around in every intersection. As we walked, the frontier lights from the cars, would illuminate the streets, and give us a peak on where to step on the steep streets, before they blinded us entirely.

At the terrace at home, with the obligatory night cab, the compounds around us had turned into their individual waterloo scandals, with flashlights waving around. Others filled with flickering warm lights from the candles in the apartments of those still awake.

The only one who seemed to be satisfied with the situation, was the bum sleeping at the bus stop, finally able to lay down undisturbed from all the flashing Christmas decorations from the department stores.

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psoriasisguru.com sagde ...

Major unfortunate events like this recent widespread blackout make me thankful for the little things, like electricity

Inga Auðbjörg sagde ...

Ahh, read about the black-out on the Icelandic news and thought of you guys.

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