mandag den 16. november 2009

Chasing waterfalls

This Weekend we went to Cambori A city north of SP. Here we lived at a hostel between the rain forest and the beach. Saturday we went out on a journey to find a secret waterfall supposedly with a healing effect.

But to get there we had to over-win many obstacles in our way. Walking on small paths of clay red ground in the moist forrest, filled with roots to trip over, or hold on to, when the hilly country became to slippery, or the path to close to the slope turning to the watercourse we walked by. We even had to climb under a overthrown tree on the way

But as in many journeys, if you hold on and stay courages you will be rewarded in the end- and so we were. With a beautiful scenery of a waterfall that ended in a small forest lake, created over many years, where the water had pushed aside all stones and ground and created this little pond for us to swim in. Seemingly ice cold after a heated walk, clear and twinkling from the light beams that found their way through the thicket wood.

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