mandag den 9. november 2009

Narrowing in...

After a couple of weeks of getting to know the Hub and it's members, understanding and defining the assignments and prejecting, we have finally started started our design process, narrowing in on what could be the concrete results of our work.

To sum up the assignments we are now working on, there are 2 main areas:

1. Working to highten the network awareness in the Hub - this means finding out exactly who (and why and how) is in the network, but as the main focus of our work; How to create a greater sense of community, that encourages the members to use each other in their individual work, as well as in making the Hub the best it can be. (The deliverables will be several different concepts on initiatives/tools/projects for this purpose, and at least one documented and evaluated pilot)

Negative Brainstorm - How to create alienation & conflict in the Hub?

2. Designing and facilitating a weekend for the Hub Team ("the administration"), focusing on them as a team, as well as building and defining a future strategy for the Hub.


Besides these assignments, we are following other things at the Hub (attending different meetings, learning about different projects going on etc.), from the sidelines.

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