mandag den 23. november 2009

Who wants to be Ken?

On Thursday I got a pre-Christmas gift from Anne - A foam skeleton in 10 pieces.

The result (as displayed in the picture), for some reason reminded me of the other night, when Anne and I sat on the terrace, talking about a shared childhood experience...:

Playing with barbiedolls, together with our friends, when along comes a challenge...: Who's going to be Ken?

We remember fear striking our young minds, of the thought of not being the beautiful, successful Barbie, but the anonymous accessory of a man; Ken.

Then again, as our talk progressed, we came to think of the one girl who always ended up being Ken. (Turns out that almost every group of young girls has her. She's usually the same girl who also goes along with being the father when you play house, and using with the brown crayon when you draw...)

And the question arose: "Did she mind being Ken? Was she just more mature then the rest of us, and saw that the shape of the plastic doll did not really matter? Did she feel like a martyr? Or, might it be, that she just wanted to?"

We started contemplating how one so often just assume that the other people in a given situation have the same agenda, and want the same things as you. A set of assumptions which sometimes results in annoying misunderstandings, where people start a unspoken rase, either to get out of the undesirable role, or to take it on - in order to spare the others whom you assume feel the same.

This brings me back to Ken, which I have named my new skeleton, who has become a new tool and metaphor for us.

We have decided to use Ken as a reminder in our work, to check in with eachother's wants and needs through verbalizations like "Is this a Barbie or Ken-type of assignment for you?", “I feel like you are being Ken a lot lately, do you feel the same?” & “Thank God, Anne, that so many of my Kens are your Barbies”.

--- This way we have a silly metaphor to get around our now built-in politeness (that makes us reach for what we individually see at the least desirable tasks), and gives us a perspective on how we're both feeling about the tasks we're working on.

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DUBE sagde ...

you making puppets,
i can get u some stuff from KBH IF U GET ME SOME WEIRD ARTIFACTS FROM where u at---

i know u like danish stuff so much, right.

much love under the sun to u two, stars.

chat again

Inga Auðbjörg sagde ...

Awesome! It's a good metafor. I wish I had that kind of KP-honesty coworking going on. Don't get me wrong, everything is going pretty well, but I kind of miss the KP-ness of it all, and I can't seem to properly bring it on my own...

gunvor sagde ...

Hehe... Well, we're KP-ing all over the place, so feel free to call us up on skype if you'd like a piece of the action! We also have the "2 months of Bon Jovi"-effect, the "This smells quite good"-method, the "Bamse & Kylling" metaphor and in general vocalizing assumptions a lot.

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