mandag den 14. december 2009

Brazilian greetings.

After a couple of months in brazil I have taken the freedom to create an advisory guide when it comes to greetings.

In brazil greeting people, known or new introductions, always contains one kiss on the right cheek. It might be combined with a hand shake, kiss, and than what i would call the half hug- embracing the other person with your left arm while shaking you right hands and kissing right cheeks. complicated? not yet, this is an easy procedure, when getting used to it. The complications occur, when you move from the hand shake+ half hug to the whole hug- It is unknown exactly when a relationship develops into the whole hug greeting, but my statistics shows that it is around the 3rd greeting of the same person. But be aware! a combination of the whole hug and the half hug+ hand shake can easily end in what i would refer to as the crotch shake, leaving both parties of the greeting fairly embarrassed.

Questions of interest- Almost all greetings consists of a to do bem, or how are you during. The correct social way to reply to this is to mirror the question or simply do a right back at you: how are you during? Since it is a question, one might start to answer it, by telling about how ones day has been; if you are fine or perhaps if you have a hint of a stomach ache- don't! This is not the time to utter your feelings. The greeting is a sign of interest, but should be interpreted as: "I hope you are during well, but I have no time to hear your answer" If you, as I have, begin to to talk about your situation, you will find your self in the situation of talking out into the air, as the one who asked you the question passed by minutes ago.

Good luck with the greetings!

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