onsdag den 2. december 2009

Have you been asking yourself...

"...where are the daily blogposts these days?"

Well, we asked ourselves this question today, and it turns out that we have been pretty busy the last week. These are some of things we've been doing:
  • We evaluated the first month of our internship
  • Our project changed direction - again
  • We started buying Christmas presents
  • We had a presentation for the Hub, of one of the projects we have been working on so far
  • We started designing the process we're doing next weekend
  • We had a mentormeeting with Pablo, and a learningmeeting (with ourselves)
  • We met Jeff from Reos, who Maja Brita also met in Joburg
  • We got even more mosquito-bites
  • We had a "turbo tipsy trivselsrunde"
  • We went to the cinema and saw the new Twilight movie, "Lua Nova" (hAhAhA) and "500 days of summer"
  • We packed up and moved again (to the south of Sao Paulo)
  • We went to a big event held at an old factory, together with some people from the Hub
  • We went to the Sunday market in Liberdade (the Japanese part of town)
  • We decided to go to Rio sometime next week
  • We interviewed all the members of the Hub team
  • We skyped with people from back home
  • We slept at the Hub
  • We had a management-meeting in the pool
  • We spent several hours in a carnavalstore
  • We went to Vila Magdalena
  • We started planning our report
  • ...And probably some other things that I can not think of right now
Anyways. We have become aware of our lack of effort in the blogging-department, and will see if it's not a trend we can reverse, as we have become surprisingly fond of our own blog.

--- Stay tuned ---

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