mandag den 7. december 2009

Wherever I hang my hat...

...that's my home.

Right now I left it on the bedpost in one of the rooms of a big feminine apartment in a new part of town (Morumbi, in the south of SP). Here we live with two sisters; Karina and Emily. - But who knows for how long?
As I was driving home from the workshop today I had a conversation with one of the team members Barbara, about creating a home and leaving it.

She is originally from Argentina, but after a a stop over in Montreal, Berlin, and the country side of Brazil, she ended in Sao Paulo (at least for now).

"I have an immigration plan of 3 years," she told me, "I don't want to get used to living in Sao Paulo".
We talked about how this can become an urge within you, not to become to tied to your rhythms and routines, having a desire to explore more and different ways of living. All at the same time, having the ambivalent need to create a home wherever you are.

I never get to hang pictures on my walls with nails - maybe because I don't want to become to set and settled?
It makes me think of the street hustlers. They have all their things scattered in front of them on the street, almost similar to the permanent stores. But all their things lay on a sheet, in which corners they can grab a hold, thereby gathering all their things in a bulk ready to run from the police as fast as they can.

I have no police to run from, but it did not take me l
ong to gather my things and run to SP. So I have the exploration covered but the feeling of home is a bit more tricky. Maybe it lays in the routines we create wherever we are, the feeling of familiarity. Gunvor and I had one corner café that we kept retuning to in the last neighbor hood we lived in. It was surely not because of its swab interior or high sense of hygiene. More likely because we got to know the waiters there, as they did us and our regular orders. And we never discussed where to sit, because the regular table was a given, and provided as soon as we approached.
If exploration is about not knowing, but to search, then home might be about knowing - not necessarily where to hang your pictures on the wall, but how you like your steak, or how your friend respond to your jokes, who you hope to have received a mail from when you open your laptop, or where you lay your hat when you walk in the door...

Add on from Gunvor:

And knowing that if there is no natural place to hang your hat - your traveling buddy will wear it, and sing happy songs, until everything looks bright again...

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